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Eric Harrington on ‘The Natural Step’

On Jan 18 2016, Eric Harrington, a regular attendee of our Transition Town Chelsea gatherings, explained the concepts behind The Natural Step, which was founded in 1989 in Sweden by oncologist Dr. Karl Henrik-Robert, and has since spread around the world into many countries and many companies. He provided a Powerpoint of his presentation, and our Web designer collated some of his notes into the slides before making a PDF file of his presentation, called “The Natural Step: Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development.”  Eric described the four system conditions for sustainability that comprise the heart of The Natural Step – criteria which must be met in order for our society and economy to be sustainable. The presentation shows how these system conditions logically follow from simple thermodynamic laws, how they can be and are being applied, and also presents related concepts such as the ‘sustainability funnel’ and ‘backcasting.’  He provides links to the official ‘Natural Step’ website.  I also recommend looking at Wikipedia on ‘The Natural Step.’


2016’s Chelsea area Solar Home Tour

Saturday, October 1
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Start at Chelsea Library

On the day after the first Habitation film, see some real homes in the Chelsea area!  The public is invited to tour homes, both conventionally and unconventionally built, that have been fitted to produce energy from renewable sources.  Most often in our area it is solar energy but we also we have some wind energy and passive design.  The Chelsea Solar Home Tour includes on-grid and off-grid sites, solar hot water, a straw bale home that earned Mother Earth News “Homesteader of the Year” 2015, and at least one home with a car charger that runs from the solar power system.

The way it works is: Begin at the Chelsea District Library (map) between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  There, you can pick up a detailed tour guide and map.  Go around to visit the sites on your own schedule throughout the day.  We expect to have many returning sites from last year that could well deserve a second look plus some exciting new locations.

We are grateful for the sponsorship from the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association and the partnership with the Chelsea District Library.
See the event listing from the library here.
Solar Home Tour 2016 Flyer