2009 – 2011 TTown Chelsea’s events

2011 Events

Sep 10 2011: We toured a Sustainable Homestead with our wonderful guide and home-owner Hajnal. She discussed using solar panels on her roof, raising chickens & building a root cellar. She fed us some delicious food made almost exclusively from things out of her garden (and chicken coop!).

Collapse/Emergency Film Series, Spring/Summer 2011:
Purpose: Raise awareness of Emergency situations in difficult times. Try to conjure up plans from a individual and community perspective for dealing with emergencies in a power down “Long Emergency” environment.
July 15 2011: “Refugees for a Blue Planet” / “Nuclear Power and Climate Change”

July 8 2011: “Blackout 2003” / “Y2K preparations” / “Worst Case Scenario” (by Bear Grylls)

July 1 2011: “Financial Guide to dealing with disaster” / “2008 Meltdown: Economic Disaster” – the economic aspects of a collapse

June 10 2011: “Power of Community” / “Powering Down” – most recent community examples of survival during difficult times

May 27 2011: “State of Emergency – explores societal collapse in Albania in the 1990s after they abandoned communism

May 6 2011: “Day after Disaster” / “Worst Case scenario” / “Colony” – governments’ worst fears and AND their recommendations

May 22 2011, Emergency Preparedness Overview: Local ham radio operator and trained emergency volunteer Jeff Cowall and Red Cross volunteer Michelle Roderick spoke at the Chelsea District Library (sponsored by us, Transition Town Chelsea). They discussed the kinds of plans that are in place in Washtenaw County for emergencies, and what families should do to be prepared. Jeff has supplied us with the following resources:

Earth Month Activities
April 23: John Richter presented during Earth Month in Chelsea last year, and returns this year. He will speak on Alternative Energy.
Download presentation by Richter available online from Communitysolution.org

April 21: Kurt Cobb, author of “Prelude”, will discuss peak oil (via Skype).

April 12: Chelsea resident Craig Toepfer discusses his book “The Hybrid Electric Home”.
March 24: Book discussion on “Prelude” by Kurt Cobb. Prelude is a novel about a young energy analyst who discovers a top-secret report that sheds light on how dire things are with the world’s oil reservers, and must decide whether to warn the world and risk her career. See review. Kurt Cobb will Skype in on the discusion.

Winter Film Series: Aspects of Collapse and Emergency Preparedness for Long and Short Emergencies
February 11: “Life in the 1930s” – how the Great Depression affected lives in America” / “The Storm” – visuals of Hurricane Katrina in the southern U.S.
January 28: “San Francisco Earthquake 1906” – human responses at the time / “Bank of Italy” – story of the bank that survived the earthquake of 1906

2010 Events

Nov 7 2010, together with the Michigan Friends Center , we put on: Living Lightly — Using Less.

Sep 10 2010: “Understanding Deflation & the Financial Crisis” At the Michigan Friends Center, Local Future economic analyst Nicole M. Foss spoke on the negative impact of deflation to the economy. She was touring Michigan to help business leaders, elected officials, and communities hear her message. (View current primers from her blog.)

Jun 2010 Food Movie Series (Wednesdays)
Jun 29 2010: “Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals (Youtube)” and “Earth Voice, Food Choice (DVD Preview available online)”

Jun 22 2010: “Good Food, Good Business (Youtube)” and “Getting Real about Food and the Future (Vimeo)”

June 15 2010: “Food, Inc.”

June 8 2010: “Fresh”

2009 Events

Nov 7 2009, together with the Michigan Friends Center and Transition Ann Arbor, we put on a highly successful event: Living Lightly Presents: Transition Towns – Use less, Live more. More than 50 people participated in this inspiring day. We learned about the Transition movement, envisioned an enriching future together, and participated in a reskilling festival with presenters teaching such things as: beekeeping, poultry-raising, Passive Houses, hoop-house building, and much more.

Oct 2009 Berea Trip

Earth Awareness Month Observation

Food, Farms & Film

Saturday, April 24 2009
Chris Bedford
, award-winning filmmaker from Michigan, showed his film
Coming Home ” which focuses on the E.F. Schumacher Society, and how it has worked in Berkshire County, Massachusetts to reinvent the local economy by creating Community Land Trusts and local currency.

The late Chris Bedford was President of the Sweetwater Market in Montague, Michigan. After the film presentation, we discussed the local food movement with him.

April 19 2009: Alternative Energy Panel Discussion

– John Richter and Tim Hudson, co-founders of the Institute for Sustainable Energy Education, led a discussion on the global supply of oil and examined the various energy alternatives. John Richter has presented to national and state legislators on alternative energy policies and teaches renewable energy at Macomb Community College.

April 16 2009: Award and Movie Night, we honored Christina Snyder, first certified Passive House Consultant, and Chris Coon, environmentalist, with Environmentalists of the Year Awards at the Michigan Friends Center. Christina showed us part of her slide presentation on Passive Houses. She and Chris are just beginning the building process on their own Passive House.

Apr 13 2009: Book Read: “Depletion and Abundance – Lynn Meadows led a dozen interested readers in a discussion of Sharon Astyk’s book showing how rewarding life can be in a future with far less oil and other resources, improving our health and our sense of community. Lynn also showed us some of the tools for resilience that she has collected — several solar ovens, wind-up radios, etc.

Apr 6 2009: To celebrate ‘April is Earth Awareness Month’, in conjunction with the Chelsea District Library, TTC presented Henry Pollack, PhD. Dr. Pollack, Professor Emeritus in the Dept. of Geological Sciences at University of Michigan, spoke to a packed room about his new book “A World Without Ice” at Chelsea District Library.
Dr. Pollack’s book looks at “the role ice has played in the development of Earth’s landscape, climate, and human civilization, and the reciprocal impact of people on the planet’s ice. Geophysicist Henry Pollack paints a compelling portrait of the delicate geological balance between ice and climate, and why its rapid disappearance portends serious consequences in our not-so-distant future.”
Dr. Pollack, who shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 as part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is also the author of “Uncertain Science…Uncertain World”.

Through January and February, we presented the Films for a New Awakening.series.